Before my routine changed during pregnancy, I actually completed several wonderful projects that I never shared with you all!  I miss printing, but I have to confess, I am a bit of a wuss.  I feel so exhausted all of the time, and I worry about the chemicals and ink I use to print affecting the baby.  Not to mention the unwieldy belly between myself and the feedboard.  The good news is, I have had lots of time to work on designs for the upcoming holiday season!  So, if I can pull myself out of bed, and convince Tyler to manage any and all chemicals, I should have some new things to share soon!

Until then, have a look at this lovely project!  I printed this suite for my wonderful college roommate’s wedding in Corpus Christi earlier this summer.  You may remember her save the date’s.  The ensemble featured a nautical hinting knot motif and a fancy script in coral, and included an invitation, postcard rsvp and die-cut belly band.  Here are a few photos from the process!