Nolie is eight months old this month, and I already can’t remember what life was like without her. I love so much about being a mom, but I miss relaxing. Maybe it is just my personality, but having to be responsible for a baby has made me somewhat neurotic, especially now that she is moving and climbing things. I am honestly struggling with letting her go enough to learn for herself. I tell myself not to helicopter. I know that she is capable, but I still play out scenarios in my head of her falling or choking and every other scary encounter you can imagine. Is this how all parents feel? Maybe I am crazy? It is a hard transition to go from treating her like a tiny delicate, helpless baby to letting her explore, bump and tumble. I think I am also someone who over-researches things, and that may have backfired in a lot of ways by creating paranoia.

Aside from my worry, things have been going well. She now has four teeth and can crawl with her belly off the ground. She is still in our bed. Sleep training just hasn’t happened. I do feel like she is ready though, so I hope we can commit to something within the month. She is eating more and more solid foods, and starting to feed herself. She chooses between toys, and knows what “no” means. How did my tiny newborn who cried all the time grow into this curious, fearless ball of personality?