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Andrew & Marianne!  This story truly brought a tear to my eye!  The proof image above is one of many options we could do for your invitations.  This suite features layered and die-cut elements for a typographic/faux bois effect.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to print it before the week was finished!


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Here is the beautiful story Andrew and Marianne shared, if you haven’t had a chance to read it!

How we met:
Our story begins 12 years ago, in the 6th grade, as a little boy and a little lady found themselves sitting in the same music class. The little boy played the drums and wowed any audience with his piano skills. And, the little lady played the clarinet and found theater magical. That little boy, who once stood 4 and and a ½ feet tall, is named Andrew. And that little lady, who used to have a bob at her ears, is me, Marianne.
It wasn’t until high school that our paths crossed, and we went from acquaintances to friends. During our junior year, Andrew asked me to prom. I, excited more than ever, said, “yes!” Our feelings for one another grew, and grew, and grew. Soon enough we were sharing “I love you’s” and were imagining life would always be this perfect. Little did we know at 17.
Senior year approached, and I followed through with a commitment to study in Brazil for a year. Andrew, also passionate for cultures, traveled to Costa Rica. We reluctantly said our goodbyes and grieved the closing of a beautiful door. Andrew went on to study English Literature and I focused on photography. We would see one another here and there, when home for breaks, but our paths couldn’t have been farther apart. Andrew found a wonderful teaching position and I came to Oregon to pursue photography further.
Our individual journeys brought us together last October, in the Amazon of Brazil. I was contracted to photography and film for the missions department of the church where Andrew’s father pastors. Andrew and his father joined our team on the trip for a few days, and Andrew and I found ourselves meeting one another for the first time as adults. Andrew was now a man, who decided to pursue his dream of photojournalism, around the world. And, I was now a woman, traveling the globe for non-profits while capturing their stories of hope. We sat together, in the middle of the Amazon jungle, discovering that our passions completely aligned We intrigued one another, and inspired one another.
Three months later, we started dating.
Now, I sit at my desk chair, with a ring on my finger, and my fiancé’s sweatshirt on, while Andrew is in Kenya, gathering stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Distance doesn’t keep us from loving one another better every day. We know we are better together than apart ☺

Falling in Love:
There is a progression to the speakings of love. Everyone knows it, feels it. It’s this stomach-knotting heart-pounding flush that grows over you, over time. Where being friends just doesn’t quite explain how closely you enjoy her sitting next to you at dinner (why would you sit across the table?) and buying plane tickets across the country to see each other for a few weeks at a time seems easily explainable to friends and family. And finally you muster up the courage to call a spade a spade, you say the first of two “L” words after some sputtering on about how much you enjoy her company, how dear she is to you, how you’ve realized that she might quite possibly be more than a friend: you Like her. And that is enough to hear in return. It’s more than you could have hoped for. And for months it sustains you, it defines you, it keeps you civil to the outside world as you do the giddy dance of being in Like. But soon you realize that the dance changes, that you have begun to try and find other words to tell her what she means to you. No, it isn’t that the words “I like you” are incorrect, they are merely inaccurate. They are true but are they true enough, are they heavy enough? You begin to tell her how much you adore her, how she is the best of friends, how you are enamored with her, and you begin to realize that, quite unexpectedly, you are doing the delicate dance of avoiding the second “L” word. That all of the words begin to add up and whether or not it is said out loud or merely communicated through the way you look at her, you Love her. And when you speak it, it stops the world from spinning. It is an expected shock, as if naming what is already there and known and felt is somehow revolutionary, or gives light to a stunning discovery that’s been hidden in plain sight for so long. The giddiness deepens, it is more certain now. Constant. And yet you still find there are times when you tell her you love her and you have to stop her, facing her squarely, as if to say “no, I don’t think you understand…I Love you.” If you could turn your words into something tangible you would press it into her hand for her to carry all day long, proof of what you feel. Buying her flowers, taking her on dates, holding her when she’s sick, staying up way too late doing nothing and loving it, these things are like photos of what you feel. If only you could find the words to tell it truly, to say what you really mean.

And so you find yourself buying a ring. Awaiting her arrival to where you are living in France. Setting up a surprise picnic in the mountains. Dressing up and climbing the hill and dancing and laughing and crying and shouting when she realizes that it’s all for her. And then getting on one knee and asking her to be your wife. Because the only way you can think to tell her what you really feel is to say that you want to take forever trying to explain it.

Andrew +Marianne
Oregon, and Kenya
Wedding date: Oct 5, 2013