It is so much easier to be crafty now that we have Pinterest.  I find myself browsing and planning almost every single day!  I was inspired by this lovely pin, and by inspired, I mean copied her shamelessly.  I held a Pinterest craft night for a couple of my buddies, and we drank margaritas, and chatted, and made a big, big mess.  It was a good time!  My lovely friend/sister in law, Jayme, is a fantastic baker, and she shared some great tips for keeping the dough even.  She even figured out that the ornaments wouldn’t lose their shape if we stamped the pattern first, then cookie cut.  After they are done baking, I used an emory board to gently file off the crusties.

You likely have everything you need to make some of these cuties, and they would be perfect for little gifts or adding something fun and sweet to a present.  Honestly, this is one of my favorite crafts, and I so want it to become a yearly tradition.  I can’t even tell you how easy it is!  Good thing, someone already did!

Have a look at these!