Nolie’s first birthday came and went, leaving us with such sweet memories, and a messy house. The party was so wonderful, just what I was hoping for! It was a small, home party, with family, and other baby buddies. We spent the day in the hospital with my father the day before. Fortunately, he went home feeling much better. This did hamper my plans for some homemade treats and goodies, but at the end of the day, what is important is important. I’m pretty sure nobody noticed/cared that I bought the snack mix, and I think the little ones enjoyed their rice crispy treats and Plum pouches just as well! I feel a huge sense of relief. We made it. I think this notion made the party even more enjoyable.

Nolie smashed a cake, and played with her friends, and rode around in her little pink car, and wore a froo-froo dress. It was so sweet! We made a video using all the pictures we had taken of her all year. What an amazing transformation! Newborn to toddler happens so quickly, I really think the video captures that. Tyler wrote a special piece for the project, and it came out beautifully. I will surely cherish it forever. Don’t blink.