This wedding suite is near and dear to my heart!  I felt so personally connected to the inspiration, it made this design process such a wonderful experience!  For a friend of a friend, this suite is for a destination wedding in the vibrant and historical city of New Orleans.  Man, I LOVE New Orleans!  I fantasize about living there often, and my husband and I have been on many wonderful trips to visit and explore!  We always seem to discover new favorite places, create new forever memories, and fall in love all over again.

I found a picture of a lovely French quarter balcony that featured old ironwork and architecture, beautiful colors and whimsy, and the idea for this suite came to life!  We chose a lovely French blue, and modern typography to keep things fun.  I incorporated the ironwork detail to evoke a sense of antiquity, and after a few sets of proofs, this suite was ready for printing!  Oh, I can only imagine the excitement her guests had opening this envelope!