One of my friends showed me StumbleUpon last night, and I am blown away!  This is the most wonderful tool for finding inspiration.  It’s completely random, so you don’t read/see the same stuff over and over.  It is to web-browsing what is to music.  I couldn’t tear myself away until 1:30 in the morning.  You should definitely check it out- I recommend browsing graphic design. Look at all of these awesome things I stumbled upon last night:

Take the last link to see more about this picture.

One of the awesome stumbles...

Warning: After re-reading this post, I noticed there is an extreme use of the exclamation point in the following 11-ish lines. this is such a simple and fun site, more so if you rhyme inappropriate words! color palettes from your photos! What! and it’s for iphone too… so cool! you know how I love my free fonts! I had half of these, and now I have the other half! I probably spent way too much time on this post, but I was in shock! I want a magnetic hovering bed! this blew my mind a couple of times- I’m into perspective drawings though. How awesome for a parking garage!

I’m sure there will be more- I’ll probably have to create a StumbleUpon segment. Definitely try it! I bet you’ll love it too!